22481 W Point Mackenzie Real Estate Business Asset/Wasilla, Alaska

Price: $799,000

Location: 22481 W Point Mackenzie, Wasilla, Alaska

Industry: B&B, Rentals, RV Stations, Gravel Mining

This property offers you a unique investment opportunity – a multi-use property set in an exceptional location that offers not just a place of residence but myriad income-generating options. This is more than just a piece of real estate; it’s a thriving business hub designed to tap into various revenue streams while providing the owner with the distinct advantage of onsite living convenience.

This multi-use property is positioned to be a lucrative investment with multiple sources of income. Initial projections indicate robust financial returns from:

” Bed & Breakfast; Excellent fishing area.
” Cabin Rentals: Steady revenue stream from year-round hospitality services.
” RV Stations: Seasonal and event-based rental income.
” Gravel Sales: Consistent and high-demand sales from local contractors and companies.
” Laundry Service: Incremental income stream from guest usage.
Collectively, these streams position the property as a potentially high-yield investment with a diverse income portfolio, mitigating risks and ensuring consistent cash flow.

Listing Details

(Included in Price)

Real Estate: $835,000 (Included in Price)

Training & Support:

Non-operating/Asset Sale/Real Estate


Type of Location: Country

Square Footage: 3912sf Main Building/500sf each Cabin, 18.09 Acres

Facilities Information:

Main Building, laundry facility, 2 log cabin rental, 8 RV Stations, 18.09 acres with gravel pit.


Potential Growth:

Food and Fuel Service, Air B&B, Land development.