5000 Taku 43 Unit Apartment Building, Anchorage, Alaska

Price: $2,580,000

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Industry: Multi Family Housing

43 unit apartment priced at $63,000 per unit. 13-2 bedroom units, 17-1 bedroom units, and 13 Efficiency. The sale includes an extra vacant lot to the east of the property. Rent revenue at 100% occupancy is $50,236.00 monthly. The current vacancy is at 2.5%. Units are fully furnished.

Listing Details

(Included in Price)

Real Estate: $2,772,000 (Included in Price)


Type of Location: Rental Housing

Square Footage: 28580

Facilities Information:

3 separate buildings and 1 extra lot. The total building size is 28,580 square feet with a land square footage of 26,325, which includes 3 lots. The property was built in 1969 and is zoned R4.



Rental properties are in high demand in the Anchorage area.


New financing.